“Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.”

Lance Armstrong

Thanks for that Lance.

All drug references aside, there are a million motivational quotes about pain. Sure, we indeed learn a lot from pain, it can make us stronger and all that. But, for someone who lives their life in pain, I’m sure any kind of motivational quote about it would make them want to punch the author in the face.

When someone is in pain, real pain, no amount of motivational words will help. Nothing will. When you are in real pain, the taste of sweetness disappears from the world and your idea of heaven is a few seconds of respite from your hellish existence.

OK, so that was a bit bloody dark I admit. But I wanted to communicate to any potential life coaches out there that unless you have experienced what real pain is, shut your mouth.

What is the best CBD oil for Pain?

  • Pain is a vast subject. You could probably write volumes on pain and still not be finished.
  • Pain relief is one of the most common ways people use CBD oil
  • There are several types and strengths of CBD oil, the type of CBD oil needed would depend on the type and degree of pain

Out of all of the incredible ways that CBD is used by people, the most popular seem to be pain, anxiety, and depression. A recent study says:

Almost 62% of CBD users reported using CBD to treat a medical condition. The top three medical conditions were pain, anxiety, and depression.

There are many different causes of pain and, of course, many types of pain ranging from mild, dull aches to fully demobilizing agony. Traditionally, strong pain has been treated by pharmaceutical drugs. So, we can see why the recent upsurge in CBD popularity to treat pain has been ruffling a few feathers.

But why does CBD help with pain?

Often, it seems like people reach for the strong pain killers because the natural remedies just don’t seem to quite get the job done. But, it is different with CBD. Jack Needham writes for the Guardian:

Now aged 67, George shows the scars of that time – vibration white finger, back injuries, sciatica, ear damage. But he is one of a growing number of over-60s using CBD, a cannabis-derived compound, and feeling that decades of injuries are easing. “Now, I don’t have my sciatica, I’m freer in my joints and I don’t walk with a limp. It won’t mend a broken bone, it won’t fix my heart, but whatever it’s doing it’s suiting me,” he says.

This seems to be the thing about CBD. It doesn’t get you high like traditional painkillers, yet users often witness profound changes in their entire being and their pain just disappearing. There could be many reasons for this. I  like to think it has something to do with the anti-inflammatory effect of CBD on the body. In the past, we have expected to disguise pain by flooding the brain with a bliss-inducing chemical. This can lead to addiction and other issues. But CBD seems to just hit the cause rather than disguise the effect. Harvard Health says:

CBD may offer an option for treating different types of chronic pain. A study from the European Journal of Pain showed, using an animal model, CBD applied on the skin could help lower pain and inflammation due to arthritis. Another study demonstrated the mechanism by which CBD inhibits inflammatory and neuropathic pain, two of the most difficult types of chronic pain to treat. More study in humans is needed in this area to substantiate the claims of CBD proponents about pain control.

Many studies and articles talk about endocannabinoids and CB1 and CB2 receptors. I suppose there is a possibility that the way CBD oil works is incredibly scientific and complex. But how about another possibility? The one that says that CBD oil works because it relaxes our muscles and decreases inflammation?

Hearing complex scientific explanations for things may make us feel better because we know that there is an expert out there researching these things for our benefit, things that we could not possibly understand ourselves right?

We, humans, are incredibly skilled at making our own lives harder. Science revels in analyzing things to such a deep degree that it costs a bloody fortune in time and money. The worst thing is that nine times out of ten, it has nothing to do with benefiting humans, but simply for benefiting corporate profit. The truth about CBD is it is a direct extract from a plant, a plant that has been growing on earth for…well a long time. A plant that people have been using for its pain relief and health properties since the beginning of time.

Yet here we are, where government-funded ‘authorities’ are telling us that this is an unsafe and unproven compound and hence they will not give their ‘approval’. This despite numerous approved drugs being the source of a plague of addiction and death across the world. Well, I suppose you could say that CBD is better off not keeping such company then.

At the basic level, CBD is an anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxant and a damn good one at that.

Preparations of the cannabis plant, which are taken by smoking or oral ingestion, have been observed to produce analgesic, anti-anxiety, anti-spasmodic, muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant effects (Source)

What more do you need to know?

So what is the best CBD Oil for Pain?

It is difficult to give a fixed answer to this for several reasons. The FDA has still not approved CBD and hence users are still flapping around in confusion, wondering about their serving sizes, etc. The other reason is that we are all so biological diverse and so what applies to one person, may not apply to another. Essentially though you should make sure that you buy from a trusted source and choose an organic oil, that has been third-party-tested.

The two most common types of pure CBD oil are:

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

When full-spectrum CBD oil is made, they take the whole hemp plant and use CO2 or another compound to separate the ‘extract’. This is a highly concentrated oil that contains the ‘full spectrum’ of compounds from the original plant. For this reason, it might contain trace amounts of THC but certainly not even close to an amount that would get you high. To try and get high on this kind of oil would be like trying to get drunk off kombucha which contains traces of alcohol. Some companies have the technology to remove the THC at this point without removing the other beneficial compounds. The extract is then mixed with a carrier oil such as sunflower oil or coconut oil. This is potentially the purest and cleanest way to consume CBD oil as long as you buy from a trusted source.

CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate is literally what it says. The CBD is extracted from the plant leaving all other beneficial compounds behind. Whilst CBD is the main event here, it is generally known that there are multiple enzymes and compounds in the whole hemp plant that allows for better absorption of the CBD. Taking CBD alone may not be as effective as taking a full spectrum product. Having said that, some people take isolate as they get drug tested and cannot have THC in their system. The amount of THC in CBD oil is so small it is unlikely to trigger a drug test but it has happened.

What Strength of CBD oil should I use for pain?

The serving size of CBD oil is about two things. The concentration of the oil that you are using and the amount you take of it.

CBD oil concentration can range from 50mg up to 3500mg and beyond. So this is a vast difference in concentration. Of course, it’s difficult to recommend a certain strength but, let’s say that if my pain was chronic, I would want to go for an oil that is very high in CBD. Amounts of CBD declared on many labels be inaccurate in a lot of cases. For this reason, you must buy from a trusted source.

In terms of how much to take:

Serving size effectiveness will vary greatly from person to person. If it is your first time using CBD you should start low and work up. This will help you find the ideal amount which manages your pain.

Dropper sizes

The dropper size is 0.05ml. This means that if you are using a 100o mg concentration, one drop will be 5mg. For a 1500mg  bottle, each drop will be 10mg. For a 3500mg bottle, each drop will be 17.5mg of CBD.

Serving Size:

From Healthline:

If your doctor doesn’t provide a recommendation, it’s best to start with a smaller dosage and gradually increase it. This could mean starting with 20 to 40 mg a day. After a week, increase this amount by 5 mg. Continue this until you feel that it’s effectively treating your symptoms.

For example, you might start off with 40 mg to treat severe pain. You can take 40 mg on days when you’re in a lot of pain. After a week, you increase it to 45 mg, and after a second week, you use 50 mg. At this point, you might feel that your pain is bearable.

It might be wise to keep track of how much CBD you’re taking and whether your symptoms are getting better. Write it down on paper or in a notes app on your phone.

Another issue we have in this unregulated industry is that many of the products out there are misleading in terms of levels of CBD, undisclosed additives, methods of production. Some, as we have seen from the recent vaping deaths are downright dangerous.

So we need to choose an organic oil, produced cleanly since additional toxins are not going to help in the fight against inflammation. If we can find an oil that is very strong and very clean from an ethical and trusted source then we are on the right track.

This article is a collection of ideas by the author. It does not constitute facts or advice in any form. Please consult a medical professional and check the legality in your area before purchasing or taking CBD products.

Recommended Product

3500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

This A-grade pure CBD oil is a potent oil designed for everyday use. It can offer many of the same medicinal benefits of medical marijuana without the intoxicating effects because it has virtually no THC. Unlike many other CBD oils on the market, it is organically grown and distributed from a federally registered facility in the United States. Each batch of oil is carefully tested for quality and purity before it is ever bottled.

This CBD is full-spectrum which means all of the cannabinoids are present. It is extracted from whole hemp plants that are naturally rich in CBD and are carefully grown to produce the best quality CBD oil available.

  • Made of the very highest quality concentration of CBD Oil herbal drops.
  • Contain virtually no THC, which means users cannot get high.
  • Legal to ship to all 50 states in the U.S. and more than 40 countries worldwide.
  • CBD Biocare are a family-owned and operated, trusted source of CBD

Why we recommend CBD Biocare

Look out there long enough and you will realize that it’s a huge jungle of CBD products. Some good, some not so good, some just downright dangerous. When we sought out the best CBD oil products we decided not to confuse you with multiple options but find just one trusted source to put our name behind. We decided they needed to have the following criteria

  • Family owned and operated
  • Fully Organic
  • CO2 extracted
  • Third-Party Tested
  • Full-spectrum
  • Homegrown in the USA
  • Reputation for quality and customer service
  • Good range of products for different needs.
  • Well priced 

Based on these criteria, we found the winner was CBD Biocare. They are a trustworthy, caring American family business with amazing attention to providing very high-quality products and customer service that is quickly becoming legendary in the CBD world. CBD Biocare customers quickly realize that once you find a trusted source like this, you stick with them. 

Want to buy CBD oil and want to avoid all the risks of navigating a vast market? You can trust CBD Biocare to tick all the boxes. Click here for more info.


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