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If you have done your research into this amazing compound called Cannabidiol, rather than asking, ‘What is CBD oil used for?” you might be asking “What isn’t it used for?”

 The uses of CBD are myriad. We can break the benefits down into three categories: Physical, Neurological and Psychological.

Physical Benefits

 CBD triggers an anti-inflammatory response from your body. This can help with most forms of chronic pain, aches, and general soreness. Because it fights inflammation, it is very effective at reducing any pain that stems from inflamed tissue. CBD can also promote better joint and muscle health, reducing stiffness and improving mobility. My brother-in-law is an amputee and has always suffered from phantom pain in his long-gone legs. Over the years, he found nothing that worked (and believe me, he tried EVERYTHING).
Eventually, he found CBD oil and now reports that he enjoys every restful sleep. When he is going to sleep, it no longer seems like someone is ‘smashing his phantom feet with a crow-bar’. I still shudder when I think about this. What some people must go through!
Despite all the research I’ve done, I’ve never seen that much about the effects of CBD oil on phantom pain. My brother-in-law told me he was referred to it by another amputee who swore it was life-changing so he isn’t the only one. This seems to be quite common. People are taking CBD for one thing whilst having no idea it has so many other uses.

CBD oil can also support a healthy heart – which primarily stems from less inflamed arteries. There are many studies which link inflammation to cancer and heart disease so CBD may provide some protection from these life-threatening conditions


Neurological Benefits

What is cbd oil used for elderly
Some studies show that CBD oil can reduce cognitive decline in the elderly

CBD oil can have a positive impact on the human neural system. The elderly often find it can re-mediate some of the worst problems associated with cognitive decline. If your brain is foggy, CBD can provide improved mental clarity and memory function. At any age, CBD can assist with the frequency and severity of migraines. It has been considered in studies as an antidote to Alzheimer’s disease.

How many people are using CBD oil for chronic back pain and don’t even notice that their memory has improved as a side benefit?  I recently discovered that my memory is declining. I only found out about this because my wife noticed I wasn’t recalling as well as I used to. This can happen to anyone. There are claims that it helps with concentration but this may be just a neurological side-effect resulting from relief from physical and psychological ailments.


Psychological benefits

Many people have found CBD can help with regulating mood patterns. This has the flow-on effect of reducing stress and anxiety. It can also help with sleep cycles, for those suffering from insomnia or restless sleep patterns. It can provide relief from depression and bipolar disorders.
I’ve seen it work on anxiety first-hand. My wife is anxious about flying (which is quite ironic when you consider that she is completely addicted to international holidays). Recently, she took CBD oil before getting on a flight in Vancouver (bound for Australia). It’s a 16- hour flight; the stuff of nightmares for an anxious flyer.
The CBD chilled her out beautifully. She actually slept for hours at a time and was never stressed or nervous for a minute.
what is cbd oil used for flying
Some people find that CBD oil helps them with flying anxiety

CBD oil can help with opioid withdrawal and it can also work on withdrawal from drinking problems and cannabis (yes – that’s some serious irony right there). Many people use cannabis for seizures but I wonder how many of them realize that it’s the CBD element that’s doing the trick there and they could just be using CBD oil instead.

 When you think about CBD oil and its healing properties, there is a natural assumption that we are talking about people only. But the truth is many mammals suffer from inflammation and CBD can help cats and dogs. The thought of your dog suffering can be painful in itself. But its possible CBD can assist to a huge extent.
Whilst some of the benefits are declared anecdotal by some in the medical community, the sheer number of anecdotes seems compelling – in other words, if there is enough smoke then surely there must be some fire somewhere. For instance, there are claims that it can lower blood sugar levels. I wouldn’t recommend forgoing any medicine prescribed by a doctor because you read somewhere that CBD is some sort of panacea
There’s no doubt it is a useful tool for helping with many, many problems but outlandish claims need to be taken with a grain of salt and I would be applying common sense when experimenting with its effectiveness.
Here is a video with some more information on the potential benefits of CBD.

This article is a collection of ideas by the author. It does not constitute facts or advice in any form. Please consult a medical professional and check the legality in your area before purchasing or taking CBD products.

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  1. Hi Russ

    You will see from my articles that I am a big believer in circulation being a foundation of good health. As an anti inflammatory and muscle relaxant CDB oil, surely can help with any problems relating to circulation, of which, cramps is certainly one. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for sharing this post about CBD oil and it’s health benefits, I have been meaning to give cannabis oil a try for quite some time now but i still haven’t got round to it, the reason for my delay in my trying it is the fact that a friend of mine started taking it and he began getting night time cramps, I do realise that this could be a coincidence or something he may just be susceptible to, have you ever heard of anyone else mention anything about cramp, I have also heard that CBD oil is very good for arthritis, I suffer from osteoarthritis, however there is also rheumatoid arthritis which is a completely different type, is CBD oil  beneficial for both types.

  3. Hi Petra

    Thanks for your comments

    I am going to write an article on dosage very soon. Having said that, dosage is very relative. I know people that have started at 15mg a day and that is just fine. Others take closer to 200mg a day for chronic issues. So, yes, trial and error is important as everyone is different. Thanks again. Ken

  4. Thank you for your review, and yes, as you said, it’s more the question of what isn’t it good for? The only thing I find a bit hard to find out about is the amount to take for certain ailments. There are vastly different ideas about it out there. Have you found something quite reliable or do you recommend the trial and error method to see how much is needed? 

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