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Remember the old Road Runner cartoons where he drops a 10,000lb anvil on poor Wiley Coyote’s head and a huge red lump comes up? That is inflammation.

Controlling internal inflammation could be one of the keys to controlling health and disease if you know what it is and what you can do about it. This is the next part of the series: What is CBD oil? – Inflammation.

I have to say as always, you should not take anything I say here as fact. These are just ideas. Please refer to a medical professional if you need proper medical advice. Always be aware of their motivations when you do. This is not sinister. It is common practice in the world we live in for medical professionals to have underlying financial and political motivations that trump your own. So please watch out!

Our Bodies are Natural Healers

 Since modern science became so complicated, we are often taught that the body is an absolute goose (Australian for useless) at looking after itself. Our society encourages us to wonder how the body can cope, being the organic pile of useless matter that it is. We are conditioned to feel this way since the medical industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. If everyone had the means to treat themselves for many ailments, this could cause a real ding in profits.
Viewing our bodies as crude, candy-eating eating machines is way off the mark. Our bodies are fearsome when it comes to healing themselves. According to many ancient traditions of medicine, all imbalance in the body is caused by one thing: a blockage in the flow of Chi.
When we hear the word Chi we think: ‘Here we go, bloody hippies’.
cbd oil inflammation sky
Asian stereotypes aside, chi just means air

But chi just means air. When the channels are clean, the blood can carry oxygen plus a million other substances to where they are needed. The body knows what to do, it doesn’t need our technical support. We just have to get out of the way.

In our modern world, we like to work out very complicated, chemical explanations for things. We look at ancient medical traditions and think ‘what would they know?’ Sure, what would Chinese medicine know? It has only been around for over 2000 years.

Natural therapies don’t immediately remove the symptoms with the brute force of 6000 Spartans riding elephants so we view them as ineffective. Western medicine makes the surface problems disappear quickly and we mistake this for effectiveness. Traditional medicine deals with the underlying causes. It is designed to unblock the channels of the body to allow everything to flow better.




 Inflammation occurs at different levels in the body. There is the inflammation that is caused by eating foods that are irritants. In Chinese medicine, these are known as hot foods. The foods are not hot in themselves but they can produce heat in the body. Sugar is one of our favorites in today’s society. When these foods irritate our insides, the result is inflammation, as swelling accompanied by heat. This swelling can block the channels and interrupt the flow of blood and oxygen.
cbd oil inflammation stress
Stress can block the flow of blood and oxygen leading to inflammation and a build-up of toxins in the blood.

Inflammation can also be caused by stress. When we experience a stressful situation, we create tension in the body. That tension can be there for years if it is left unchecked. The tension is like squeezing the channels of the body closed. Then, the blood and oxygen can’t get through that area and needs to divert. The more areas of tension in the body, the fewer ways the flow can pass. Also, the reduced space creates high blood pressure and creates tension in the heart.

Toxins in the body are removed in the bloodstream. The bloodstream carries them to the liver where they are filtered out of the body and exit via the urine. But, when there are blockages in the stream, the toxins build up there like a traffic jam, accumulating in greater quantities. This causes great inflammation and pain in those areas. The build-up of toxins in the blood can make us feel terrible. The inflammation caused by the build-up can create great swelling in the joints and other areas of the body.

CBD oil and Inflammation

 I should keep re-iterating, CBD is not a miracle cure oil. But it’s effects, (whilst officially unsubstantiated by the powers that be) are quite incredible to those who have had firsthand experience of them. You can watch many complex videos about CBD binding to receptors and all that. But, the bottom line is, it is an anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxant. These two effects can start to unblock the channels of the body and the resumed flow and exit of toxins further reduces this inflammation.
People taking CBD oil for the first time should start slowly. This is not because it is some kind of strong drug. It is because if you have a lot of toxins accumulated in your system, the CBD can cause them to start re-flowing and exiting the body. This can bring a certain toxicity to your blood and liver. Some people try to say it is the oil that is toxic, but this is not true. The toxins already exist in your bloodstream. The oil releases them. So it is good to do this slowly.
If you gradually build up your dose, the inside of your body can gradually become cleaner and free of inflammation. This will not only help you become healthy, but it will also make you feel fantastic. When you come into a state of good health, it is possible to feel an everyday ‘natural high’. This isn’t the CBD directly making you feel good. It is simply restoring your body’s natural ability to feel good.
Check out this very scientific video by an extremely ripped guy on the effects of CBD:

This article is a collection of ideas by the author. It does not constitute facts or advice in any form. Please consult a medical professional and check the legality in your area before purchasing or taking CBD products.

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  1. Thanks for the kind comments Randi

    All the best

  2. What a great post! It was VERY informative and I felt like I learned a ton! I already knew that CBD oil could help with inflammation and stress but I didn’t know all of the intricate details as to why and how. I also didn’t know about the toxins that are released out of your body and the warning to take it in slow doses. The video you provided was extremely helpful in breaking in down in such details as to how CBD works. All of this was so helpful for me! Thank you so much! 

  3. Thanks Roland.

    Glad to hear CBD has helped your condition.

    I think people presume that because the benefits of CBD are vast, it must be a complex substance. But really it’s the opposite and the cause of many conditions is one of distribution which can involve inflammation and stress induced tension.

    thanks for being here Mate

  4. Cbd oil has truthfully being mispresented to us. I actually have bought into the misconception about it being a miraculous product that can cure all type of body deficiencies but reading your discoveries here, it has enlightened me more on how truly CBD oil works. In the case of inflammation, I suffer from eczema and it has become so constant and disturbing for me but when I started to use CBD oil product, I witnessed a steady decline in eczema on my body. I never knew that the I’ll has only helped with regenerating and free flow of my cells. Truly, this is a great article for me.

  5. Thanks again Edward. Yes, one must start nice and easy and work up from there. If too many people go to heavy, its an excuse for people to say CBD is toxic which it isn’t at all in my opinion. Cheers Mate

  6. Thanks for another great article on CBD oil. I like the way you think about things and explain things. I agree that a lot of things in modern medicine are about reducing symptoms but they do not address the underlying causes and sometimes they make the underlying causes worse. I also liked how you explain that chi is really just air and we need the air to be able to circulate through our body systems.

    That’s interesting about the toxins and needing to start slow. And how is just restores your natural ability to be healthy. Thanks!

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