Great people have said that all the plants on this earth have a purpose.

You can ask what they are all for, but this is a complex question with many answers since nothing has a single purpose. Everything is interdependent and of multiple-use to many things. For example, Chamomile is for reducing inflammation and relaxing the muscles but it is also for keeping certain bugs away from other plants. It also takes certain things from the soil and conditioning it with other compounds. But I guess what people are asking when they say ‘What is CBD oil for?’ is ‘What can I use it for?’

Generally speaking, one of the things you can’t use it for is to get high. But, everything is conditioned by what comes before. Hence to someone who lives their life in great pain, simply being free from that pain is like being high. But, CBD alone doesn’t get you stoned in the classical sense.
It can get you stoned when the higher levels of THC are available but in the US at least, standard CBD oil has less than 0.3% THC which is very unlikely to have any kind of effect at all. Based on this, someone who doesn’t want any THC could be tempted to go for CBD oil where the THC has been completely removed. The trouble is that this involves another level of processing that can result in additional toxicity. Full-spectrum CBD oil will almost always have trace levels of THC but this is unlikely to have any kind of psychedelic effect.

CBD oil for Anxiety and Depression


This is for sure one of the most common uses of CBD oil. Anxiety may be caused by an inability for the body to carry oxygen to the brain. Panic might be an extension of this. When the brain is low on oxygen it releases stress hormones to let the body know it needs to increase oxygen uptake. Our reaction to the stress hormones is to tense the body which blocks the channels and further deepens the oxygen transportation issue which increases the stress hormones which increases the tension. It’s a vicious circle. To break it you have to get into the circle at one point. Ultimately you have to get oxygen back to your brain.


How CBD might help

CBD oil is a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory. When the muscles relax, the channels open more which can increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. This reduces the release of stress hormones and further deepens the relaxation cycle. So CBD oil is one way we can help break the anxiety cycle. Of course, it is good to combine various methods. See my other articles on anxiety.
Depression can be caused by a serotonin imbalance. This can also be a transportation issue. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter and it is used for most tasks in the body. It is not simply the ‘feel-good chemical’ that people think it is.
Unlike SSRIs which take over the management of serotonin, CBD oil helps the muscles relax. This opens the channels up and allows the body and mind to start managing serotonin as it already intuitively knows how. So, by increasing the body’s ability to transport, CBD oil is one method that may help in the management of depression.


Studies in rats have found that the use of CBD increases liver toxicity in furry slaves. Unfortunately, it has led some on the scientific community to make claims that CBD oil is toxic. This is a conceptual simplification that works conveniently in favor of the drugs companies that oppose the regulation and use of CBD due to its ability to ruin their profit margins.
what is cbd oil for detox
CBD in the body can have a detoxification effect

The normal function of the body is to flush out the toxins in the blood via the liver. When the body tenses up, the channels become blocked. These blockages prevent the toxins from traveling along the bloodstream and instead they build up in places of tension. This creates toxin ‘traffic jams’. These toxin collectives become areas of inflammation, disease and ultimately cancer. When the muscles relax, the channels are opened and the toxin traffic jams begin to flow again. So CBD can be used to ‘detox’ the body in this way. Technically, it is not the CBD oil that is ‘doing’ the detox. The body performs detoxification as a natural part of its function. Again, the CBD oil is simply allowing it to perform that function better.

 If taking CBD oil in a detox capacity, it is important to start with low doses and build up. As shown by the mice in the example above, too much too quickly can release too many toxins simultaneously creating toxic blood and a toxic liver. This can occur with any form of detox and can leave you feeling utterly terrible. So it’s always important to take it easy.

So it is not the CBD oil that is toxic, it is the toxins in your body that are toxic and the subsequent release of them that causes the toxicity. The main cause of this is taking too high a CBD dose to start with. Especially if your body is quite toxic, it is better to start with lower doses and build it up. So CBD is one method that can assist in detoxification of the body

Heart Health

The body is a pressurized system like a car engine. Eating things like sugar thickens the blood and raises the pressure. Cholesterol can cause plaque to build up in the arteries making the channels thinner and raising the pressure. Tension in the body can block various channels reducing the space in the system and raising the pressure. When the blood pressure is high, the heart has to work harder to pump blood and oxygen around the body and the pressure on the heart is increased.
CBD oil can help the muscles relax. This opens the channels and allows the blood and oxygen to flow evenly. This increased flow can help clean up some of the toxins and plaque buildup. It also frees up the release and transportation of insulin which cleans the sugar from the blood, making the blood thinner in the process. So CBD oil is one method that may help lower blood pressure and increase heart health. When the system becomes more spacious, there is less pressure on the heart in general and the heart does not have to work as hard to get things where they need to be.
There are so many other things that CBD is ‘for’ but the tremendous benefits mostly stem from its ability as an anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant. When the channels of the body are open and the blood is flowing well, not only oxygen but all kinds of compounds such as serotonin, insulin and the rest can be transported where they are needed.
Much of the disease we know is caused by the breakdown of the body’s transportation system and bodily tension caused by stress can be a huge part of this. But like everything, it is all interdependent and all the elements are depending on another so often when you alter just one element it can have a flow-on effect to all the other elements
Here is a very mainstream look at CBD oil:

This article is a collection of ideas by the author. It does not constitute facts or advice in any form. Please consult a medical professional and check the legality in your area before purchasing or taking CBD products.

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