When it comes to the question of the safety of CBD oil, things are ridiculous. We are coming from a place where powerful groups of people banned hemp for their financial purposes. It has created a sense of mystery around hemp, cannabis and also CBD oil. Off the back of the Reefer Madness campaign and Ronald Reagans War on Drugs, people are so afraid of cannabis. And, since CBD oil is made from cannabis, they are also afraid of that.

Why isn’t CBD Oil Approved by the FDA?

The FDA is ‘reviewing’ the safety and quality of CBD oil. How nice that we have such a responsible group of people looking out for our wellbeing. I mean, there is no way that the FDA would approve CBD oil if it was dangerous right? In an article from Time Magazine:

To get a better understanding of the compound, TIME spoke to two scientists on the cutting edge of CBD research: Dr. Esther Blessing, an associate professor of psychiatry at New York University, and Margaret Haney, professor of neurobiology at Columbia University Medical Center and director of the university’s Marijuana Research Laboratory.

Blessing and Haney agree that the current evidence suggests that CBD shows promise for helping to treat some illnesses. In June 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first cannabis-derived drug — Epidiolex, which contains purified CBD — to treat certain rare childhood seizure syndromes. However, much of the research on CBD is only in very early stages, and scientists still don’t know a lot about it — including whether it has negative long-term effects.

Let’s talk about that, shall we?

Blessing and Haney are supposedly on the ‘cutting edge’ of CBD research whatever that means. I suppose that it means that they are engaging in some kind of study around CBD. Many people are doing this, why does this put them on the cutting edge? It’s nice that they begin talking about Epidiolex, a drug approved by the FDA. The ingredients, as stated by the FDA website are:

EPIDIOLEX (cannabidiol) oral solution is a clear, colorless to yellow liquid containing cannabidiol(CBD) at a
concentration of 100 mg/mL. Inactive ingredients include dehydrated alcohol, sesame seed oil, strawberry
flavor, and sucralose.

So, we have found that the FDA cannot approve CBD oil due to questions around safety and yet, this approved drug Epidiolex contains just CBD and some perfectly reasonable inactive ingredients. So what is it that they have added to CBD to render it safe? sesame seed oil? strawberry flavor? or is it sugar?

Joking aside, if there are questions about CBD and it’s safety, how have they approved a drug for children where the only active ingredient is CBD?

Time continues:

On top of that, the CBD that is available in shops and online is not regulated by the government — which means it might contain other ingredients, or not even any CBD at all, Blessing says. Haney warns that much of the CBD on the market could be “snake oil.”

Surely, she doesn’t literally mean that it is literally snake oil? Of course, when a compound like CBD oil is ignored, there will be a highly unregulated market out there. If alcohol was not approved by the FDA don’t you think every man and his dog would be getting moonshine happening? That shit can blow you up or poison you. But, again we have to come back to the fact that:

CBD IS approved for certain corporations such as those that make Epidiolex.


But still, how many deaths have there been from CBD oil?

If you read or watch the news lately, you will see a huge hoo-hah over vaping deaths that are occurring all the time. People in certain places are using this a great opportunity to sting the CBD oil industry. Extreme articles have been written about the link between CBD oil and these deaths. The truth is that CBD oil did not cause any of these deaths. If it did, then surely at least one of them would have come about from someone using CBD in dropper form. But, 100% of these deaths have been from vaping. According to Greenentrepreneur.com:

The most prevalent problem on the illegal vape market are concentrate cartridges that contain high levels of pesticides. When consumed at concentrated levels, inhaled pesticides cause health problems. To ensure that vape cartridges don’t contain hazardous pesticide level, it’s important to purchase from reputable brands that disclose third-party test results and include screening for pesticides.

Cutting agents can be added to enhance the intensity of the vapor cloud and overall mouthfeel of the vapors. Common cutting agents that are sometimes infused with cannabis oil and e-cigarette vape juice include:

  • Polyethylene glycol (PEG):a cutting agent used in vape liquids to keep the product evenly mixed.
  • Propylene glycol (PG):a binding agent that is added to cannabis vape cartridges because of its ability to foster even vape draws.
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG):Added to vape liquids to help generate large vape clouds for the user.

Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has labeled these cutting agents as safe for human ingestion, questions remain about what happens when these compounds are inhaled. A 2010 study, published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, found that inhaling PG could potentially exacerbate asthma and allergies. Additional research also suggests that, when vaporized at high temperatures, both PEG and PG breaks down into the carcinogens formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.

In other words, it is well known that vaping that involves these cutting agents can be extremely dangerous. Again, what is amazing is that these cutting agents have been approved by the FDA. But how so? If they are dangerous and toxic, surely they wouldn’t be approved?

is vaping cbd oil safe woman

The Reality of the FDA

From Drugabuse.gov:

Every day, more than 130 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids.1 The misuse of and addiction to opioids—including prescription pain relievers, heroin, and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl—is a serious national crisis that affects public health as well as social and economic welfare. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the total “economic burden” of prescription opioid misuse alone in the United States is $78.5 billion a year, including the costs of healthcare, lost productivity, addiction treatment, and criminal justice involvement.

and Harvard University Centre for Ethics:

Few know that systematic reviews of hospital charts found that even properly prescribed drugs (aside from misprescribing, overdosing, or self-prescribing) cause about 1.9 million hospitalizations a year. Another 840,000 hospitalized patients are given drugs that cause serious adverse reactions for a total of 2.74 million serious adverse drug reactions. About 128,000 people die from drugs prescribed to themThis makes prescription drugs a major health riskranking 4th with stroke as a leading cause of death. The European Commission estimates that adverse reactions from prescription drugs cause 200,000 deaths; so together, about 328,000 patients in the U.S. and Europe die from prescription drugs each year. The FDA does not acknowledge these facts and instead gathers a small fraction of the cases.

So, there goes that theory then. How much can the FDA care about the safety of their products? Given these statistics and the fact, there has not been a single recorded overdose from CBD oil or cannabis. You have to question the logic of:

‘We still have questions about the safety of CBD oil’.

So obviously we can’t rely on the FDA to tell us the truth about anything. The situation is complex and almost laughable.

  • Hundred of thousands of people every year die from FDA approved products
  • But, the FDA won’t approve CBD oil which has never killed anyone because it might be unsafe.
  • Yet, they approve Epidiolex, a child epilepsy drug whose only active ingredient is CBD oil and which happens to cost more than ten times as much as CBD oil.

In the Time article, they refer to the CBD in Epidiolex as ‘purified’ to make it sound like they have been removing some kind of dangerous agents or toxins. All this means is that the CBD in Epidiolex is CBD Isolate. This is an isolate version of CBD that is readily available everywhere. The difference between that and full-spectrum CBD oil (unpurified CBD oil) is that full-spectrum has a range of enzymes and terpenes that are extremely beneficial. There is nothing toxic about full-spectrum CBD oil.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

There has not been a single death linked to the ingestion of CBD oil, and, whilst interactions with other medications are still being investigated, it is presumed to be safe for consumption and generally well-tolerated by the body.

The current evidence suggests that the active ingredient in CBD oil is safe, says Blessing, although it could have serious interactions if it is taken with other medications.

Sure, we know that it can react with other medications. But, given the statistics on prescription deaths by the government and Harvard University, doesn’t this suggest that it is the other medications that are the problem and not CBD oil?

What is blatantly obvious is that, as usual, in this world, money is getting in the way of progress and wellbeing. Lies are being told at every level to protect profits at the expense of the people. If there was no money involved and no multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry, what would these companies say and do about CBD oil and,

If it was an ethical administration that had the health of the people as it’s core motivation, what would the FDA have to say about CBD oil?

Given the damning statistics on pharmaceutical drugs, contents of vape cartridges and other compounds so readily approved by the FDA, their notion that CBD oil may not be safe is an absolute joke. I would say that the fact that no-one has ever died from taking it, already puts it miles ahead of a million FDA approved products. Sure, if you buy from a dodgy source you never know what you might end up with. But, there are hundreds of trusted sources out there. Unless you are downright backward, it’s not hard to find and buy from a trusted source. If you do that, then in my unqualified opinion, CBD oil is extremely safe, it is also life-changing.

This article is a collection of ideas by the author. It does not constitute facts or advice in any form. Please consult a medical professional and check the legality in your area before purchasing or taking CBD products.

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