Types Of Services Offered By Medical Facilities

Types Of Services Offered By Medical Facilities

Providing high-quality health services is an important factor in the success of medical facilities. These facilities offer a wide range of services, including acute, specialized, and outpatient care. The type of service a facility provides is based on the patient’s needs. Some hospitals and clinics in Dubai provide specialized care, while others focus on general medicine. It is important to understand the types of services available at each health facility so that the patient can choose the best option for their needs.

Acute care:

Acute care includes emergency, trauma, short-term inpatient stabilization, and critical care. In some cases, an individual may require surgical treatment, including acute surgical procedures for life-threatening injuries. Other medical services offered at these facilities include laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging, and labor and delivery services. The facilities are also staffed with highly trained nursing staff and health administrators. The services provided by these facilities are on par with those offered in the world’s developed nations.

Provide primary care:

A health center is a community-based facility that provides comprehensive primary care and supportive services to individuals, families, and communities. These facilities are patient-directed and emphasize key quality improvement practices. They offer oral health, substance use disorder, and mental health services. These services are coordinated and integrated to reduce health disparities.

They help diagnose different diseases:

Medical facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and highly-trained personnel. They also ensure that the safety of their patients is maintained. They offer quality health care and are committed to offering patients peace of mind. The services offered by these facilities are highly ranked and are recognized worldwide.

Tertiary and secondary care:

The Ministry of health is committed to maintaining the highest quality care for its patients. The Ministry of Health offers a wide range of services, including tertiary and secondary care, specialized care, and health education. The Ministry has the policy to ensure the safety and quality of its health services. In addition, the National health fund is available to cover the costs of the services provided by medical facilities. 

The National healthcare fund is the largest fund of the government, which is responsible for funding public services, such as hospitals and medical clinics. It has the mandate to improve the efficiency of the health care system. It also provides funds for hospital maintenance and expansion.

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