What Is Rehabilitation? Learn Here Some Important Things

What Is Rehabilitation? Learn Here Some Important Things

Rehabilitation is a process that helps people get back to their normal daily routine after suffering from a physical injury. The rehabilitation center in Abu Dhabi focuses on achieving specific goals, and a person undergoes various phases before fully recovering from the injury. These stages include treatment, goals, interventions, and costs.

Stages of rehabilitation:

Rehabilitation is designed to help an injured person return to normal activity and physical function. It focuses on reducing pain and restoring movement. It involves exercises that replicate the movements of the injured area. These exercises may involve isometrics or elastic bands with varying levels of resistance. Exercises that improve proprioception are also used in this phase. These exercises help people understand their body’s position in space to prevent future injury.


The goals of rehabilitation are specific goals that the patient can measure. They should be specific and challenging. Short-term goals include walking to a bus stop, participating in light physical activity, or completing simple financial transactions. Long-term goals may include a return to work.


Interventions in rehabilitation involve activities to improve a person’s quality of life. These activities may be physical or psychological and may involve changing the environment in which a person lives. The interventions may also be focused on changing the patient’s beliefs and expectations.

Identifying needs:

Identifying needs in rehabilitation programs is an essential part of the recovery process for patients and their families. There are several different ways to identify these needs. The first step is to understand the patient’s current level of functioning. Then, determine what needs are unmet partially. Identifying the patient’s unmet needs will help the team identify the best ways to address those needs.


Planning the process of rehabilitation requires careful consideration of many aspects. The first step is to assess the degree of sensation loss. It must be determined whether the problem is present because of overuse, misuse, or disuse of the hand. This is critical for successful rehabilitation. In addition, the process must consider the ethical and legal implications of addressing the issue.

Evaluating results:

Rehabilitation is a process for restoring physical and cognitive function, helping an individual to live as independently as possible. It can be used to treat a variety of underlying conditions and can complement other health interventions. It can also help an individual remain active and in their homes, minimizing the need for caregiver support.