Things You Might Not Know About Different Beam Clamps

Things You Might Not Know About Different Beam Clamps

Beam clamps are a common tool for lifting heavy items. They provide a versatile connection to structural steel and are typically used in industrial settings. However, when it comes to beam clamps lifting, there are some tips to remember that will ensure you get the most from your clamps. Knowing the right way to use them will help ensure you don’t damage your clamps or accessories. Using your beam clamps safely will also prevent you from damaging your project.

Miter clamps:

Beam clamps are ideal for holding heavy objects in place and enable secure installation without welding. They are generally preferred for pitched beams. Another clamp type is a bench clamp, which is used for holding metal workpiece on benches. They come in many sizes and have a fixed jaw that forms part of the bench. Bench clamps are also useful for holding wood while cutting, drilling, or planning.

These clamps are typically used for woodworking, metalworking, and drilling. They have a flat bar that securely holds your work and often come with a forward and backward moving handle with levers and pins to adjust the pressure applied to the workpiece.

MIT hoist clamps:

When it comes to MIT hoist clamps, it’s important to understand how to use them properly. These tools can be used to lift steel plates and profiles. They are extremely well-made and are certified by the required authorities. In addition, they are available at discounted prices. If you’re planning to buy one of these tools, consider these tips:

You first need to find a beam clamp that fits the type of hoist you’re using. The next step is to place the beam over the load’s center of gravity. This will prevent any damage to the clamp or the load. Remember, too much weight on a beam can cause it to lean and swing, which can be very dangerous.

Pipe clamp extenders:

Beam clamps are designed to hold pipe, but their length limits them. Pipe clamp extenders let you use them with extra length. A pipe clamp extender can be as long as four feet or longer. Using spacers under the wood, these tools can also make pipe clamps longer.

Pipe clamp extenders are useful for both suspending and restraint purposes. They are designed to prevent the pipe from slipping off the structure and causing damage. They can also be used in combination with beam clamps for increased efficiency.

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