Signs Your Printer Needs To Be Serviced

Signs Your Printer Needs To Be Serviced

Until recent years, many people assumed that printers would be a thing of the past, replaced by the ubiquity of smartphones and social media. However, printers remain important office equipment, enabling collaboration and productivity. If you own a printer, there are some common signs that your printer needs service. These include blots on documents, poor print quality, and error codes. It can also be the result of a software upgrade or networking issues. Find here the right professional for your Ricoh printer service in Dubai.

Inkblots on documents:

Blotted lines on documents are one of the most common signs your printer needs service. This type of print will cause text to become less visible and may indicate an ink roller or thermal ribbon issue. You should contact a service provider for a professional assessment in these cases. Fortunately, there are many ways to tell if your printer needs service.

Poor print quality:

If you notice a change in print quality on your printer, it may be time to get it serviced. It could be as simple as cleaning or refilling the ink. You may also need to check the settings for your printer. Printing on the wrong type of paper can also cause poor quality.

Error codes:

Error codes can mean several things, depending on which part of your printer needs service. In general, error codes relate to a faulty motor, such as the main motor, image drum, ETC motor. Sometimes, the error can simply be caused by a memory problem that can be solved by resetting the printer. But in other cases, you may need to contact a HP engineer for further assistance.

Cleaning the inside of the printer:

If you notice that the ink is not coming out as quickly as it used to, cleaning the inside of the printer can help. Using lint-free wipes, you can clean the printhead and maintain the printer. However, you should use caution as these parts are delicate.

Paper jams:

A variety of factors can cause paper jams. For instance, the wrong paper size may cause the printer to jam. The size of a page is critical to printers; if the size is even one millimeter off, the printer will stop printing. In these cases, an on-screen message will let you know of the issue and walk you through the process of clearing the jam. If manual clearing does not solve the issue, you may need to call a service professional.