Is It Worth Getting A Custom Tailored Suit?

Is It Worth Getting A Custom Tailored Suit?

A tailored suit can be made of many different fabrics. Wool is one of the most common materials for tailored suits, as it breathes well and helps the wearer stay cool in warm weather. It also has excellent insulating properties. While wool is costly, it can save you money in the long run. There are many other benefits to getting a tailored suit in Dubai, but the cost can be a big factor. Here is a complete guide for you about the tailored suit. 

Cost of custom-tailored suit:

Creating a custom-tailored suit is an investment. The higher the quality of the fabric, the higher the cost. A high-end suit may be made from fine fabrics like cashmere, silk, and super wool. It may also feature monograms and a delicate lining. Custom-tailored suits can cost upwards of DH 2,000.

A custom-tailored suit can be purchased online or from a local tailor. You can find these businesses on the yellow pages or online. Many high-end department stores and specialty shops also offer custom-made suits. 

Benefits of custom-tailored suit:

Buying a custom-tailored suit is a time and money-saving endeavor. While shopping for clothing off the rack can be an arduous task, custom-tailored suits can be tailored to fit a man’s specific body shape. Moreover, custom-tailored suits are made from high-quality materials that will last longer.

Custom-tailored clothing is also comfortable. Moreover, they look professional. This is particularly important when dressing for business occasions.

Fabric selection:

Choosing fabric for your tailored suit is an important decision. You should consider the purpose of your suit, the number of times you’ll wear it, and the texture and weight of the fabric. Also, think about your budget when selecting the fabric. High-quality fabric will be much more comfortable than one made of cheap, synthetic materials.

You should visit a fabric store to touch and feel the fabric samples. However, there are limits to the selection of high-quality suiting fabrics at retail stores. A better method is to shop for fabrics online. Online stores have more choices and a wider range of fabrics.


A tailored suit’s fit is very important. It should not collapse in the front but should sit comfortably around the waist. It should also sit slightly above the shoes, with a slight break at the bottom. A properly fitted suit should look easy to wear and convey confidence. A tailor will be able to make the appropriate adjustments, including adjusting the length of the sleeves.