How Do I Choose The Best Credit Cards In UAE? 

How Do I Choose The Best Credit Cards In UAE?

Credit cards are a convenient way to make purchases, and many offer a grace period to avoid interest. You can also earn rewards when you use your credit card. Lines of credit are not as lucrative, but they can be a great option if you don’t want to use your credit card for every purchase. If you are looking for UAE best credit card, you must consider the following options.

ADIB Etihad guest visa platinum card:

The ADIB Etihad guest visa platinum card offers several benefits, including the chance to earn Etihad guest miles with every transaction. These miles can be used for travel, home furnishings, and electronic items. Plus, the card comes with a cash advance feature. The card allows card members to transfer their balance from other credit cards. However, balance transfers will cost a fee.

Standard Chartered Manhattan platinum card:

For those looking for a credit card that meets their needs and provides several advantages, the Standard Chartered Manhattan platinum cardfrom Standard Chartered is a smart choice. It offers a competitive rewards scheme and discounts at hundreds of outlets in the UAE. Furthermore, the card has several other benefits, such as purchase protection and digital payments.

RAKBANK Titanium credit card:

The RAKBANK Titanium credit card offers a range of benefits to customers. It offers up to 55 days of interest-free credit. It also offers a low-interest rate for retail purchases. With these benefits and a low annual fee, the RAKBANK Titanium credit card is ideal for many shoppers. To apply, visit the RAKBANK website. Applicants should fill in all the necessary details and submit the form. 

Emirates Islamic cashback plus credit card:

The Emirates Islamic cashback plus credit card is an Islamic credit card that offers a host of additional benefits and privileges to its members. These benefits include exclusive discounts for 900 hotels worldwide, automatic room upgrades, complimentary breakfast and more. 

Travelex credit card:

Travelex is a leading global credit card company with over 900 million users in the UAE. Its debit card and credit cards offer poor exchange rates. You will also have to pay for purchases made in the wrong currency. You can also use the Travelex money card for instant top-ups in foreign currency. Once loaded, the card will act like a local card at any ATM or merchant in the destination country.