History of a few popular cakes

History of a few popular cakes

Time is a beautiful thing, with fleeting moments, the long awaited future becomes present and the present wilts away into past. The same happens with the cakes as there are times when one of those are everyone’s favourite but as the time goes by, something new is introduced and people fall in love with that. So let’s take a walk down the memory lane and see which birthday cake delivery Dubai was everyone’s favourite that year:

  • 1950s was the era of chiffon cake when it was the glory of many home chefs which would bag many praises whenever brought to the table.
  • 1960s was the time for German chocolate when the recipe was published in the local newspaper and upon trying turned out to be very delicious.
  • 1965 was the time when pink champagne cakes came into being and it would be safe to say that putting carbonated drink in cake trend is nothing new.
  • After 1966 it was a returning soldier from world war II who introduce the Bundt shape on request of few ladies and it became famous as the tunnel of the fudge.
  • 1970s gave rise to the healthier options of carrot cake. People have been making these fillings long ago and paired it with cream cheese topping for a better taste and healthier option.
  • We know healthy options have never been able to make far and how would it when 1973 awaited us with coffee cake which included delicious cinnamon and pecan filling mixed with the flavours of coffee.
  • Jell-o cakes were a real thing in 1970s and it was no wonder that people experimenting with it came forth with a cake which could incorporate different flavours of Jell-o in it and it broke the record of favourite cakes.
  • 1980s paved the path for tiramisu and as soon as America was introduced the idea of spongy soft cream layered cake, people and bakers went crazy with and the craze is still around.
  • Have you heard about the idea of funfetti? This suggests putting sprinkles inside the cake batter instead of the topping and baking it. The variation was so small yet it made the whole difference and people again fell in love with the small variation.

Honestly speaking, cakes have definitely come a long way all through history. Now, customized cake delivery in abu dhabi we have customized cake delivery services available to us too, but you need to make sure that you choose the best one!

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