Aerial Photography Mistakes To Avoid

Aerial Photography Mistakes To Avoid

Taking photographs from airborne platforms or aircraft is known as aerial photography in Dubai. When you make videos from these resources, it is called aerial videography. However, if you are not an expert, there is always a chance of making mistakes. There are several common mistakes you should avoid when shooting aerial photographs. This article will address a few of them.

Shooting in raw format:

Most aerial photographers use auto-exposure while shooting, but it’s always good to shoot in RAW format to avoid exposure problems. This format has more data than a jpeg and gives you more flexibility when editing your photographs afterward.

Using a circular polarizer:

Circular polarizers are filters that allow light to pass through while reducing glare and reflections. A circular polarizer can cut out reflections in non-metallic surfaces, making them a necessary tool for landscape, product, and automobile photographers.

Shooting in oblique or vertical mode:

If you’re a beginner in aerial photography, avoiding shooting in oblique or vertical modes is best. Aerial photographs show a broader area than a vertical image and can be useful for identifying unexploded ordnance or determining property boundaries. In addition, the oblique view can reveal features in the background that are hidden by buildings.

Shooting with a lens hood:

A lens hood can prevent lens flares and prevent camera damage. It can also help you take clearer pictures. It protects the lens from accidental impacts, scratches, fingerprints, rain, snow, and debris.

Shooting with a flash:

There are several reasons to avoid shooting with a flash when aerial photography. One of the main reasons is that it is a nuisance to people. In a dim environment, a flash can cause a person to be temporarily blinded. Though this effect only lasts a few seconds, it is still annoying. Animals, in particular, can be particularly troubled by the flash.

Insecure lens hood:

If you are interested in aerial photography, then an insecure lens hood may be just what you need. This accessory allows you to shoot in low-light conditions without sacrificing the quality of your images. You can mount your hood to your camera using a screw or a ring light, but it is important to note that some accessories do not come with screw mounts. If you need to use an insecure lens hood, you may need to block some light with your free hand or a piece of black card. Another option is to stand next to something to provide shade.