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It’s no secret that CBD oil is supposedly helping people with all kinds of health conditions around the world. But the growing list of health conditions that are being treated by CBD oil might lead one to think that CBD oil is a vast and complex substance.

Watch a video or read a study on CBD oil for health and you might start to believe in its vast complexity.

Long lists of endocannabinoids and receptors abound, with scientific chemical explanations for all of the complex processes that are occurring. As humans, we enjoy the complexity. It takes the responsibility out of our hands and places it in the hands of science. When someone wears a white coat and understands the complexity, we automatically trust them. We trust the product because science trusts it. This process doesn’t just occur in science, but in politics, business and a whole number of other fields. Ultimately, it is a way that corporations or Governments build authority. Complexity becomes a weapon that allows them to keep knowledge out of the hands of the people by making it beyond the scope of their intellectual understanding.

But life doesn’t have to be this complex. As a species, as far as we know, we are the first that takes things to such complex levels of thought.

This is a source of great pride for humans. We revel in our majesty as we sit, slumped over our laptops. We see ourselves as the pinnacle of evolution. But, bring on a common cold and suddenly we are paralyzed, lying in bed having fever dreams. It is at this point that it becomes clear that whoever has the technology to raise human consciousness is certainly not doing it but instead is raising power and profits.

If we ask the question ‘How can we build an electric car and send a ship into space but we can’t cure a common cold?’ We are told that it is not as simple as that. The trouble is, it is as simple as that, because whilst the technology is in the hands of companies who require profits rather than human advancement, every single technology project will always begin with the questions:

‘Will this make profits and will it grow our customer base?’

cbd oil for health car
There was a time when cars and TVs were built to last

Most products are the solution to a problem.

Back in the 1950s, I’m sure companies already knew this, but their focus was just on solving the problem itself. There probably wasn’t as much emphasis on retaining the customer in the long term. They built TVs and cars to last. Fast forward fifty years and this idea of retaining customers has come to the forefront of industry. Now, when you buy a television or a car, not only is it not built to last.

It is fundamentally built to not last. Because to build a lasting solution is to lose a customer.

The Health Industry

The industry of wellness is no different. Companies claim to be engaged in the fight against cancer, the fight against AIDs, the fight against the Flu and all that. But, we should know that for any of these companies to find an actual cure to any one of these things would be to lose a massive slice of their customer base. Rather than solve people’s problems permanently, their model is to solve people’s problems as long as they continue to purchase the product. Their products are geared up this way. The more you take them, the more you become dependent on them. Pharmaceutical companies are addiction machines.

As for the safety of such products, the FDA and other ‘regulatory authorities’ talk about CBD oil being an unsubstantiated product whose safety has not been verified. This is given that there were over 70,000 overdose deaths from approved prescription drugs in 2017 (source) and there has never been a single one from CBD oil.


It’s much simpler than we think.

The vast effectiveness (alleged!) of CBD oil lies not in its complexity but actually in its simplicity. It lies in the fact that it might treat one of the biggest problems that occurs within the human body: inflammation. In addition to this, it is a powerful muscle relaxant.

Through conditioning, we have been led to believe that our bodies are quite defective. We are told that our bodies break down quite easily and that we should rely on modern medicine’s pills and the like to fix ourselves up. The truth is that the human body is incredibly effective at fixing itself up. It is an unbelievably effective biological scientific machine. The problem is, like any machine, it requires maintenance.

cbd oil for health food
Food used to be much cleaner and naturally organic

If we go back a thousand years, people had to walk everywhere and, all of the food was clean and organic. Back then, bodies remained in strong condition as they received good food and regular exercise as part of everyday life. Today, the sugar industry is rampant and food is so processed and full of chemicals it is ridiculous. The intense inflammation in our bodies today is one of the biggest sources of all of our health issues.

When our body has a lot of inflammation, the oxygen, blood and other compounds cannot be transported around the body correctly. The brain and muscles are starved of oxygen and this elicits a stress hormone release as a response. Upon feeling the stress hormones, we begin to tense up our muscles even more. The result is even more channel blockages and an even more inhibited ability to transport compounds. Because of these blockages, the following issues can occur:

  • Blood and Oxygen cannot reach the brain, triggering the stress hormone response and ultimately leading to anxiety.
  • Detoxification cannot occur since the toxins cannot be washed out via the liver. Instead, the toxins build up in areas of tension. This can lead to blood toxicity and ultimately cancer.
  • Inflammation occurs in areas of tension which further hinders this flow.
  • Serotonin cannot move effectively throughout the body. The serotonin gets trapped in certain areas and cannot reach other areas. This can lead to depression and other functional issues.
  • Insulin cannot effectively clean sugar from the blood due to issues with distribution. This can lead to diabetes.

There are many other side effects of a poor lifestyle but many of them simply stem from inflammation and stress. This is why CBD oil can be effective in treating these things. It is primarily (all complexity aside) a powerful anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant. This also makes it, by default, a powerful anti-oxidant.

We can talk complex science until we are blue in the face because this complexity allows authorities to delay the open use of CBD oil even more. But, as far as I am aware, there have been no deaths from CBD oil, most people experience no side effects at all and its treatment of many conditions have been experienced by various users as absolutely extraordinary. Be sure to choose a full-spectrum oil, CO2 extracted and organic to avoid additional toxins. Please see a trustworthy medical professional and check the legality in your area before buying or using CBD oil.

This article is a collection of ideas by the author. It does not constitute facts or advice in any form. Please consult a medical professional and check the legality in your area before purchasing or taking CBD products.

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Why we recommend CBD Biocare

Look out there long enough and you will realize that it’s a huge jungle of CBD products. Some good, some not so good, some just downright dangerous. When we sought out the best CBD oil products we decided not to confuse you with multiple options but find just one brand to put our name behind that you can trust. We decided it needed to have the following criteria

  • Family owned and operated
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  • Reputation for quality and customer service
  • Good range of products for different needs.
  • Well priced 

Based on these criteria, we found the winner was CBD Biocare. They are truly one of the most caring brands with extreme attention to providing very high-quality products and customer service that is quickly becoming legendary in the CBD world. CBD Biocare customers quickly realize that once you find a brand like this, you stick with them. 

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  1. Agree mate. Look at the testimonials to see the change this stuff is having in peoples lives. Some are still trying to pass it off as just another health supplement fad. But they wont, its just too good.

  2. The health industry is really disheartening to read about and the philosophy by which they exploit us from. Therapeutic medicines are geared towards just maintaining our body health and not to totally set us free from any illness or disease that we nurse. Thankfully, since the advent of cbd oil, things are becoming much more better and not just conditioner towards exploitation solely. It is breaching the gap at a pace that would soon make us all free from the bondages of supplements and the therapeutic industry.

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