When I was growing up, I had a group of cousins in one particular family who suffered badly from both asthma and eczema. Some days they seemed much worse than others. Some days, they seemed fine. Other days, they looked like they had been dipped in a vat of acid – skin flaking everywhere, red, sore faces and constant wheezing. I felt sorry for them and yet I was so afraid of catching it that I kept my distance.

CBD Oil for Eczema

  • The cannabinoids in CBD oil can have a powerful anti-itching effect.
  • CBD oil is known as an anti-inflammatory and may reduce the inflammation caused by eczema.
  • It may reduce bacteria colonization on the skin which might prevent infection.


Is Eczema Contagious?

Eczema isn’t contagious. But supposedly if it becomes infected, the infection can be contagious. RXList says:

The most common form of eczema (dermatitis) is atopic dermatitis and is not contagious. However, if the raw, irritated skin of eczema becomes infected, the infecting agent may be contagious.

Despite the primary form of Eczema not being contagious, and knowing that as a kid, I still worked hard to keep my distance. Surely my cousins would have noticed and it would have caused them an additional level of suffering I am sure. 

What is Eczema?

If you are here and reading this, you probably know what Eczema or you probably have it yourself. So I will be brief here:

Eczema is an inflammatory condition of the skin where patches of skin become rough and inflamed, often producing tiny fluid-filled bumps that can leak clear fluid. Eczema can occur at any age and is often chronic. The condition has a tendency to periodically worsen and then subside. Eczema is a general term that includes many different types of skin problems. Eczema is also referred to as atopic dermatitis. (Rxlist)

In other words, it is a recurring skin condition that can get incredibly inflamed and itchy. From my observations, the suffering that eczema people go through is not only physical but also psychological and social. 

How to Treat Eczema

There is no known cure for eczema at this point. When we say ‘no known cure’, that traditionally sits in the realm of pharmaceutical medicines and treatments. When it comes to natural remedies though, several compounds are touted as a treatment and sometimes even a cure.


At the top of this list is urine therapy. This could be described as an ‘extremely alternative’ therapy. Essentially, urine can be used for Eczema in several ways. It can be applied to the body with a damp cloth once or several times a day. Once the urine dries out, the body can be washed to get rid of any odor. So, the best time to do this is half an hour before a morning shower and again, of you can half an hour before the evening shower. As the eczema symptoms start to subside, it can be reduced to once a day. Another way of taking urine is to drink it. To some, this may be radically more disgusting than applying it to the body which is seen as bad enough. But, sadly this seems to be the biggest obstacle to people taking up urine therapy. They simply find it too disgusting.

But, the results of urine therapy can be profound. According to Medical Daily:

Urine is usually released from the body and flushed down the drain — until now. Urine therapy also known as urotherapy involves using your own urine as a healing ingredient. Urine contains 95 percent water, 2.5 percent urea, and the rest is a combination of salt, various minerals, enzymes, and hormones that contain essential nutrients. When applied onto the skin with a clean, damp cloth as a beauty treatment, urine can clear up psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

From Pharmaceutical Journal:

In ancient Rome, Pliny the Elder recommended fresh pee for treating sores, burns, hemorrhoids, chaps and scorpion stings. In the 16th century, Thomas Vicary, surgeon to Henry VIII, advocated that all battle wounds should be washed in the urine. And more recently, the pop singer Madonna has admitted to tinkling on her tootsies to treat a persistent problem with athlete’s foot. It seems that three- to four-day-old urine can be used for topical therapies.


Urine is also used for cosmetic purposes. The Romans employed it as a tooth-whitening agent, thanks to the bleaching effect of urea. A famously insulting poem by Catullus ends with a line that has been translated (not terribly accurately) as “the fact that your teeth are so polished just shows you’re the more full of piss”.

You will find that many skin products contain cow urine already (Labelled as Uric Acid). So make up your mind whether that is more disgusting than using your own. I have used urine on many occasions. I have drunk it to cure reflux and I use it on my skin to cure any kind of skin condition. I find it frustrating how people do not try this for their skin conditions simply because of their view on it. The amazing thing is that, in my opinion, for anything skin-related, it works.

Coconut Oil

One of the mainstream treatments for eczema is to simply moisturize. The issue is that so many modern skincare products are made of petroleum waste products and many other chemicals that can irritate the skin and cause further inflammation. I recommend coconut oil to everyone I know. I have many friends who have given up mainstream moisturizers once they realize what coconut oil does for the skin. In terms of moisturizing, I don’t think there is anything better. Even after a few days of replacing commercial products for coconut oil, users felt like their skin was as smooth as a dolphin.


is cbd oil safe veg

It is very important to understand that diet is one of the biggest causes of inflammation in the body. When we cut out inflammatory foods, so much can change in our lives.

From Medical News Today:

Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a condition that causes a person to develop patches of dry, itchy skin on their body. It often develops as a result of inflammation in the body, so eating foods that do not cause inflammation may help reduce symptoms.

While no cure exists, over-the-counter creams and medications that can help to reduce inflammation are available. Sometimes, a doctor may recommend avoiding foods known to make eczema worse.

Some foods may trigger the release of T cells that cause inflammation, as well as immunoglobulin-E or IgE, which is an antibody that the body produces in response to a threat. Foods that contribute to inflammation include nuts, milk, and wheat.

Some common foods that may trigger an eczema flare-up and could be removed from a diet include:

  • citrus fruits
  • dairy
  • eggs
  • gluten or wheat
  • soy
  • spices, such as vanilla, cloves, and cinnamon
  • tomatoes
  • some types of nuts


What about CBD Oil?

For a blogger, talking about CBD oil ‘curing’ things makes you about as comfortable as an antelope at a big cat convention. With the FDA breathing down everyone’s necks,  we can’t say that CBD Oil will cure Eczema. But CBD Oil is known as a strong anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant. People often think of inflammation as being an internal thing, but eczema is a prime example of inflammation that is on the outside.

The National Eczema Association suggests this may be due to cannabinoids having a “powerful anti-itch effect”, as well as anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

“There are receptors in the skin that interact with cannabinoids that could reduce the symptoms and appearance of atopic dermatitis,” said the National Eczema Association.

“These effects happen through a constellation of interactions between phytocannabinoids and our endogenous cannabinoid system.”

The endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS) is found in the human body and produces its own cannabinoids that bind to specific receptors in the body and brain.

Cannabinoids could also “hold promise” as a treatment for eczema due to their ability to reduce colonisation of staphylococcus bacteria on the skin.

Staphylococcus bacteria can cause infections to the skin, causing painful red lumps or bumps, hot, red and swollen skin, and sores crusts or blisters.

According to the National Eczema Association, a recent study demonstrated a cannabinoid molecule interacting with the ECS inhibited mast cell activation.

Mast cells are immune cells that release histamine when activated, which leads to intense itching and inflammation. (Source)

So, for someone who struggles with eczema, one of the most torturous aspects is the intense itching that comes with eczema. In this case, CBD oil may help combat that itching. Also, its anti-inflammatory effect may reduce the swelling and irritation of any skin condition. On top of this, it can reduce the colonization of bacteria on the skin which may prevent infection. So there it is – a triple threat.

How to apply CBD Oil – The inside is more important than the outside

There are many topical creams available that contain CBD. many of these contain chemical irritants, so, if you are insistent on using a cream, try an all-natural skin cream that contains essential oils and CBD. But, as described in the video above:

The skin condition is just an expression of what is happening on the inside.

So, I would suggest just getting a bottle of pure CBD oil. If you still want to use it topically you can mix this with coconut oil for your skin or apply it directly. I would suggest using the coconut oil approach to save money. Just take the coconut CBD oil mix and apply it as you would with any other moisturizer or cream.

But what is more important is taking CBD oil orally daily. This might help to accelerate the process of healing. You should notice results pretty quickly but give it the full 3 months and you might experience some incredible benefits.

As always, despite not being a doctor, if it were me, I would always take a multi-pronged approach to any condition rather than relying on any single method. In this case, I would use urine orally and topically. Also, I would replace all chemical products for the skin with a mix of coconut oil and CBD oil. But that’s just me. If you are too afraid to drink your piss, perhaps you could at least try on of the others for a week and see how you go?

This article is a collection of ideas by the author. It does not constitute facts or advice in any form. Please consult a medical professional and check the legality in your area before purchasing or taking CBD products.

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