The Fear

In Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Dr. Gonzo sits, hiccupping, on a carousel in Las Vegas. He turns to his partner Raoul Duke and says,
‘I hate to say this, but this place is getting to me. I think I’m…getting the fear’.
Duke’s unsympathetic reply is,
‘Nonsense, we came here to find the American dream’.
I can relate to both sides of this conversation. There was a time when I didn’t know what anxiety was. Looking back, I was neither patient or understanding to those who were going through it.
When I was younger, like Dr. Gonzo, I had quite a few drug-induced encounters with ‘the fear’. In some ways, it’s easier to deal with on drugs because you know it’s the drug and it will wear off. But, when it happens to you when you are sober, it can feel like there is nowhere to run.
After my first encounter with ‘the sober fear’, I started to get why it is such a big deal for people. I started to understand why people take the pharmaceuticals, despite knowing the dangers. When you have the fear, you just want it to leave at any cost.

Run Forrest, Run!

During my bad acid trips, if things went wrong, I would start running. I relate to what happened to Forrest Gump. His Mum died and he didn’t know how to deal, so he ran.
One time, I was tripping in a nightclub and my friend gave me some kind of menthol to sniff. I heard someone mention the word butane and I became convinced that I had sniffed butane. The initial panic of that moment led me on a mental spiral that had me running for my life from my fears. I purchased cold water from a takeaway shop and starting drinking to help sober me up. Unfortunately, the cold water tuned into a cold metal pipe down my throat. I ran and ran because I didn’t know what to do. Running made me feel better and I didn’t know why at that time.
what is cbd oil anxiety coffee
As the coffee kicked in, Samantha became acutely paranoid that her new boyfriend was a hipster

It’s been a long time since I took anything harder than coffee. Sometimes, even making the coffee too strong can trigger a feeling of imbalance. That feeling is the trigger for anxiety and panic. These days I have learned to manage it through long-term meditation and knowing what to do next.

I try to run three times a week and I do weight training four days a week. I don’t do huge sessions but I have found that getting the heart rate up seems to keep things like anxiety at bay. I have come to believe that it is about the amount of oxygen that your brain is getting.

Is anxiety your brain telling you it needs oxygen?

When you hold your breath for a while, what happens? You start to experience anxiety which starts to become panic. This is your brain releasing stress hormones to warn of the lack of oxygen it is receiving. When there are any traffic jams in our body, we get the same feeling, but we experience it more moderately. It is an early warning system to let us know that the brain isn’t getting enough oxygen.

what is cbd oil anxiety headstand
After tragically forgetting his parachute, Mike was photographed a microsecond before hitting the ground

The brain is the part of the body that is the highest up. It takes the most amount of effort, incredible effort, to get oxygen to it. Any kind of internal traffic jams and the brain isn’t going to get the oxygen that it needs. This is why, for me, doing headstands is always a good option too. I try and do a few yoga poses and make sure I do headstand two or three times a week. Inverting the body gives the brain a chance to bath in fresh blood and oxygen. if you can’t invert, touch your toes and take three deep breaths. When you fill the brain with oxygen, you are happy.

Things that create traffic jams in our body are:

  • Inflammation
  • Blocked arteries.
  • A build-up of plaque on artery walls.
  • Stress (holding tension in the body)

The channels that carry blood and oxygen in our bodies are everywhere. Something as simple as having a tense muscle can close down a whole series of these channels.

So, to the point of this article.

CBD can have a dual effect on the body.

  •  It reduces inflammation. We all know what inflammation looks like. When we have had a cut that gets infected, it swells up and becomes hot. These swellings occur through our body which cuts off many of our vital channels.
  • It relaxes the muscles. Some of the tension we hold in our bodies has been there for a long time. CBD is one thing that helps the muscles release tension.

Things to do when Anxiety Kicks in

what is cbd oil anxiety ice cream
We tend to hold into traumatic events as tension in the body
Even when you are relaxed, your body is often a lot tenser than you think. Progressive muscle relaxation is a meditation technique that helps muscles to relax. Lifting weights also relaxes muscles due to the relaxation response. We tense the muscle right up then it relaxes as a response. CBD is a strong muscle relaxant. It is like a strong version of chamomile tea which is a milder muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory.
So next time, anxiety arises, instead of wrapping a story-line around it and then saying ‘I am anxious’. Try and recognize that it is your brain asking you for oxygen and try any of the following methods:
  • Get your heart rate up through exercise – Run Forrest Run. The increased heart rate can unblock your channels and get oxygen to your brain.
  • Do headstand. But, take it easy as a beginner. Shoulder stand is a good starting inversion. The forward bend is a very easy place to start. – These moves drench your brain with fresh blood and oxygen.
  • Drink chamomile tea and take CBD oil – Both of these are anti-inflammatory and powerful muscle relaxants. When you relax, the blood and oxygen can flow where it needs to. Sometimes, you need a bit of help to relax
  • Deep, slow breathing – Breathing from the belly up, Don’t go overboard with this though. You don’t need a ton of oxygen in your body as it can have the opposite effect. You need to get the oxygen to where it needs to be. Seven long slow breaths can be plenty.
I would suggest trying a combination of all these. Some people suggest meditation for anxiety. Meditation is one of the most useful things you can do in your life. But, you should do it when you are in a good state, not as a fix for anything in particular. You are better off doing something physical that gets the oxygen to your brain.

Anxiety, in my experience, is a physical sensation that becomes a mental projection. We have a whole series of things we can do. If you know what the goal is (Get oxygen to the brain) then you know what to do! If you suffer from anxiety and are searching for relaxation and relief click the following link to purchase very high-quality CBD oil by CBD Biocare. 


This article is a collection of ideas by the author. It does not constitute facts or advice in any form. Please consult a medical professional and check the legality in your area before purchasing or taking CBD products.

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