In today’s world, Meditation has become a huge buzzword. But, meditation is not a thing. It is more of a category for a whole pile of different methods that one can apply with the mind. Generally, there are meditation methods that require effort and lead to more concentrated mind states. Then there are meditation methods that require no effort. These are more about relaxation or letting go.

The subject of people taking drugs to enhance meditation has always been a divisive one.

Conclusions are often drawn that drugs can give an insight into certain states but ultimately make them ‘harder to reach’. In the case of a particular non-mind altering substance though, is there more to the latest partnership of CBD Oil and Meditation?
I have taught meditation for almost twenty years. During that time, I have known people who have kept it up. I have also known many people who have given it up. With such a boom in popularity, meditation is being touted as a cure-all. CBD oil seems to be on the same tangent. These two separate objects are being said to cure all kinds of things so to bring them together must be a miracle right? I’d like to look at three different angles.
  • The similarities between the effects of meditation and the effects of CBD Oil
  • Meditation and CBD oil as a two-pronged attack
  • CBD oil as a tool to deepen meditation.

The similarities between the effects of meditation and the effects of CBD Oil

CBD oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant. In relaxing the muscles, it releases the tension around the body’s channels, opening them up and increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to the body and brain. This release also starts to release the toxin ‘traffic jams’ that are built up. The benefits of this release are vast. They all stem from the relaxation of the muscles and the subsequent release of tension in the body and brain.
Meditation works in the same way. Concentrating the mind leads to a more balanced flow of thought and hence less mental tension. This results in less physical tension. Exercises such as the relaxation response, where one squeezes and releases the muscles, also relax the muscles and open the channels. Vipassana meditation trains the awareness to focus on various parts of the body in sequence. This increased awareness causes the body to relax. Even effortless relaxation directly relaxes muscles.
Of course, meditation goes much deeper than that. The ultimate goal is to gain insight into the unfabricated basis of mind. This is something that as far as we know, CBD oil can’t really help with. Some might say that THC can play a part but again that is a divisive subject.
In terms of the side-effects of meditation and CBD oil, they are similar and generally involve increases in health and well-being. Both of these effects stem from an increase in blood and oxygen which comes back to the body and mind relaxing.

Meditation and CBD Oil as a two-pronged attack.

 As the effects of both these things are similar to a degree, perhaps they can be used as partner tools when it comes to fighting certain conditions. The CBD oil relaxes the muscles and has an anti-inflammatory response. The meditation, when done correctly can have a similar effect.
cbd oil and meditation psychedelic
Beth had a bad feeling about drinking John’s ‘peppermint tea’

Whilst we are often conditioned to think that substances are more powerful than mental exercises, the latter is often true. In this particular case, when one has been meditating for a few days, the effects might not be so strong. But, for someone who has been on a prolonged retreat or meditated for many consecutive days, the effects of meditation can be very powerful.

People often seek some kind of ‘altered state’ or experience in their meditation. Whereas with CBD oil, people aren’t looking for an altered state but are seeking just the side-effects. When a person practices certain meditations for a long time, experiences will definitely occur. But just practicing daily even for a long time will probably not bring many psychedelic insights. However, the effects on your health and well-being will become more obvious as time goes on. When CBD and meditation are used together over a period of time, the effects on the overall wellbeing and health of the body can be very powerful indeed.


CBD oil as a tool to deepen meditation.

As I said at the beginning. There are two types of meditation. There is meditation that requires effort and there is meditation that requires no effort. In both of these areas, CBD can help. In my younger days, I attempted to meditate whilst on various drugs including cannabis.
Whilst I found that it is very easy to have so-called profound experiences in these states, the lasting effects of such experiences were pretty much zero. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to the hard work of meditation and we should enter the practice with a realistic mindset that any big changes in our mind are going to take time.
Using CBD oil is very different to getting stoned since it is unlikely to bring on any kind of strong experience. This is why it is useful for meditation since its only function is to relax your muscles and deepen your breath. Both of these functions are very useful in meditation practice which ultimately is about two things. Concentration and relaxation.
cbd oil and meditation dalai lamaAnyone who chases experiences in meditation is barking up the wrong tree. They can and do happen but they are so very far from the point of the whole thing. The real miracle of meditation is how it affects your everyday mind. Are you becoming calmer, more compassionate, and wiser? If not but you are seeking drug-like experiences then you may as well just smoke cannabis.
Meditation, in my opinion, should be a sober experience. To quote the Dalai Lama ‘ We are trying to see clearly, not create more delusion’. So, getting high on meditation or drugs won’t help with that. Hence, CBD is clearly a very useful companion on the path since it offers the stimulus of those things required for good sitting practice without interrupting our clear awareness.
Here is a great teaching on meditation by Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

This article is a collection of ideas by the author. It does not constitute facts or advice in any form. Please consult a medical professional and check the legality in your area before purchasing or taking CBD products.

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  1. Thanks for your kind words Pal. People assume taking CBD before meditation is like getting stoned but it’s absolutely not. In fact, it has such a tremendous benefit on the body’s ability to relax without being mind altering.

    take it easy

  2. Hello Andy, this article requires an ovation. I never realised that cbd can go so ell with medication but having read it during thie reading of this post, I think it only makes sense. Cbd helps to balance the the body and ensure the relieve of stress and anxiety and since meditation works towards that line of relieving the body too and calming the nerves, then definitely, it is worth combining.
    Grrwat one

  3. Thanks Petra! if only people knew that meditation cannot be accomplished in a month or even a year! Thanks for dropping by! Andy

  4. This made me chuckle, first the ‘peppermint tea’ and then the advice for people who are looking for special experiences in meditation to just go ahead and smoke cannabis instead. 

    I’m not sure what some people do expect of meditation; maybe to them it’s still a bit of a ‘mumbo-jumbo’ thing or something ‘the hippies’ do. If only they knew that there is scientific evidence showing all the benefits of meditation and being able to calm your monkey mind. 

    Anyway, I’ll give the meditation plus CBD oil a try. Thanks for your article. 

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