A few months ago my beloved Toyota blew a head gasket.

This happens when the pressure in the engine is so high that a part of it cracks. I fixed the crack by using ‘Stopleak’ but I knew once it’s cracked, the engine is finished as it is so expensive to put in a new head gasket since the labor is so time-consuming.

I realized that cracking a head gasket is the car equivalent of having a heart attack. I realized that in humans that replacing a head gasket is also expensive. It’s called a heart transplant. So I decided to write this article CBD oil – heart health to try and nail down some ways we can try and prevent this from happening.

Like my Toyota, the human body is a pressurized system.

This is why people take blood thinners like aspirin since it lowers blood pressure. Lower blood pressure = less pressure on the heart. But, too low blood pressure and the oxygen can’t get around which can result in various emotional states and sometimes blacking out.

Conventional medical drugs often deal directly with symptoms and can unbalance the body’s natural ‘inner mechanic’.

Our body is like a self-managing engine. It has a built-in mechanic that knows what needs to be done to keep things functioning. Conventional medical drugs often bypass this inner mechanic. It’s like they drug him, tie him up in a corner and try to take over his role. This can result in all kinds of chaos in the body. The aspirin thins the blood and takes the pressure off the heart but ironically it disrupts the body’s ability to process the aspirin. Toxins in the body are carried out via the liver but when the blood is too thin, it cannot. So taking too much aspirin can lead to overdose. Statins interrupt the production of cholesterol on the basis that too much cholesterol blocks the arteries. But we need cholesterol. Our body makes it. Without it, other functions collapse.

This seems to be the conundrum of modern medicine. It claims the false crown as the most powerful form of medicine because it attacks the effects rather than the causes. This creates the illusion of a more powerful cure and makes natural therapies seem weak in comparison. 

Instead of messing around with the symptoms of ailments, CBD oil relaxes the muscles of the body and reduces inflammation. This helps to unblock the channels of the body releasing the blood to carry oxygen which cleans out and lubricates the arteries. This, in turn, increases our body’s ability to clean the blood, remove plaque, and remove toxins hence lowering blood pressure without risk of it dropping too low. Instead of drugging the mechanic, it is like cleaning his tools so he (or she) might work more effectively.


Exercise is of great benefit to heart health because it not only exercises the heart but increases the flow of blood and oxygen which cleans the bloodstream of toxins such as excessive cholesterol.

This is why you cough up a lot of snot and phlegm when you exercise hard. It’s the crap that was in your bloodstream that is being cleaned out. This is also why people go red. The blood is reaching the parts of your body that need it. In yoga, it is said that some poses are specifically designed for heart health. An example of this is child’s pose. It works by horizontally leveling out all parts of the body with the heart. Savasana or corpse pose is the same. It means the heart no longer has to work against gravity to pump around the body.

Gravity is just one factor that prevents the heart from doing its job of pumping blood and oxygen around the body. This is why they say that very tall people need to take care of their hearts. Other factors are:

  • Whether the arteries have been thinned with plaque.
  • The strength of the heart itself.
  • The thickness of the blood (sugar thickens the blood)
  • Physical tension in the body.

So CBD oil works to release the physical tension in the muscles. This opens the channels to help the blood and oxygen flow which cleans the blood making them wider and more slippery. Since the insulin can be transported correctly, it can remove sugar from the blood which regulates the thickness. All of this takes the pressure off the heart. So it’s not like these things are all separate. Like the example of the car, if one thing goes wrong, it can trigger a whole bunch of problems. Whereas if one thing is corrected it can have a flow-on effect on all other things. Of course, ideally, you will eat a great diet and exercise regularly, keep your weight down, etc. CBD oil is not a replacement for these things but it is one factor that can help.

Listen to this retired heart surgeon talk about the profound benefits of CBD:

This article is a collection of ideas by the author. It does not constitute facts or advice in any form. Please consult a medical professional and check the legality in your area before purchasing or taking CBD products.

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  1. Hi Bonnie

    yes, child’s pose is good for the heart but any pose that brings the head parallel to the heart or below might help your anxiety. Toyota is finished i’m afraid!

    Thanks for being here.

  2. What a great article! I was already considering CBD oil for anxiety, and this article has really convinced me I should seriously look into it. If I can lower my anxiety and get health benefits, then it seems like I should give it a try! I didn’t realize child’s pose was good for your heart. It’s such a comfortable pose, it’s nice to know there is great benefit to it. I’m sorry to hear about your Toyota, I hope you were able to get it fixed! 

  3. Thanks for the kind comments and great question Alisha. In my opinion CBD is the best thing you could possibly take for your inflammation. of course, thats just my opinion and has never been endorsed by the government so obviously it is wrong until that point 😉 Anyhow, standard CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC so it shouldnt show up in a drug test unless you take an awful lot of it. Whilst it wont get you high, a good quality oil should make you feel balanced, focused and relaxed. Any of the brands you see on this page are are the highest quality. Thanks for being here! Andy

  4. This is by far the best article I have read on CBD.  It is also so good that you are knowledgeable in so many things.  I have not yet tried CBD Oil but I am considering it.  

    I do have a lot of inflammation in my body due to an Autoimmune issue.  Do you think that CBD Oil would be good for me and what kind or brand do you recommend?

    Will it make me feel different?  Will I still be able to pass a drug test?

    Thank you so much for your help and this great article!

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