We live in a society where ‘mental troubles’ are, on the whole, dealt with using chemicals. Scientists have discovered that we have this thing called brain chemistry. Like everything that they get their hands on, they decide to play around with it.

One of the things they have found out is that the brain releases stress hormones. Could this be a potential cause of anxiety? So, simple isn’t it? All they would have to do to treat anxiety is to stop the brain from releasing stress hormones. Problem solved?
Not exactly
The drugs they use to do this are beta-blockers. They do a pretty good job of blocking these stress hormones. But, this kind of outcome-based treatment doesn’t get to the root of what causes things to happen.
What I am about to put forth is not new. But, those companies that sell very expensive drugs might like you to think that a fix isn’t straightforward. It’s always appeared to me that if you are going to run a business, you need to turn customers into repeat customers. It is the opposite of the analogy, teach a man to fish. In business:

If you teach a man to fish, he isn’t coming back to your fish shop.


The Problem with Drug Companies

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Sickness is a multi-squillion dollar industry

What I mean by this is, if the drug company were to cure someone of their sickness, they have lost a customer. If the motivation of drug companies were to cure you that would be fine. But that is not the motivation of drug companies. A drug company has no interest in your health whatsoever. This is because it is not a person so it doesn’t have feelings or values. It only has business rules. Those business rules say this:

 If we cure a customer, we lose them. But, if their symptoms don’t go away, they will not buy our drug anymore. The product must meet their needs.

The ideal model is to make your symptoms go away as long as you keep buying the drug. Have a look at some modern pharmaceutical drugs. Examine how many of them fit this exact model and ask yourselves this:
If a company was able to produce a drug that cured its customers completely, would it produce it? Let’s say the company has 100,000 customers paying $70 a week for a particular drug. That’s $7,000,000 a week. Is there any situation where they would decide to lose all these customers?
 This is the problem with the drug industry as we know it. Pharmaceutical companies are also gaining traction in the CBD industry already. But that’s a story for another day.
Don’t judge me as being a conspiracy theorist here. I am far from it. Anyone who cannot see what the pharmaceutical business is up to is not looking hard enough. Fortunately for them, that is a large part of the population and they intend to keep it that way.

What is Anxiety?

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Katherine’s husband knew he shouldn’t have made her watch The Red Wedding.

My point of view

To me, anxiety could be a signal that tells you that your brain isn’t getting oxygen. If you want to experience anxiety right now. Hold your breath for a minute.

At some point, the brain will realize that it is not getting oxygen. It will release stress hormones into your body. This is to encourage you to increase your oxygen levels. One of the physical results is your heart rate goes up as it tries to pump more oxygen to the brain. Unfortunately, when you are not breathing, there isn’t any oxygen to get to the brain.

OK please breathe again now if you haven’t already!
What you experienced is high-level anxiety and depending on how far you went, panic. Now consider that the anxiety you feel in everyday life could be the same as this, but at a lower level. When oxygen isn’t getting to the brain, the brain releases the same stress hormones. We experience this as anxiety – a general sense of stress and unease.
Some time ago, our bodies were exercising for survival and the food we ate was all whole and organic. At that time, we could recognize the stress hormone as a trigger to treat the lack of oxygen. But now, our chemistry is all confused. First, the sense of unease and not knowing what it is. Then we tense up, eat more crappy foods, drink more and at worse, start taking beta-blockers. As the situation worsens, we start putting words and pictures around it. We tell ourselves ‘I am anxious’ and this further deepens the sense of unease.
So, in general, the issue is that we can’t get oxygen to the brain. This could be for many reasons such as:
  • Inflammation
  • Tension in the body
  • Blocked arteries
  • Weak lungs
  • Weak heart
Eating high acid foods such as sugar and refined carbs increases inflammation. We know what crappy food is. It’s intuitive. Eat a whole tub of ice cream and it doesn’t make us feel good.
Tension in the body comes when we face stressful situations. We tense up, then we hold onto that tension in the body, sometimes for many years. This is why stress leads to high blood pressure and heart problems.
cbd oil anxiety 9Both inflammation and tension block the channels in the body. This prevents the oxygen flow to the brain. Blocked arteries also slow down the flow. Plaque buildup on the artery walls means the channels are thinner. This means less oxygen-carrying blood can get through. The result is stress hormones and a feeling of anxiety. Plaque in the arteries also creates a smaller environment. Any kind of blockage does. Our bodies are like a pressurized system such as a car engine. So, when there is less space in there, blood pressure goes up and this increases pressure on the heart. A weak heart will struggle to pump the blood right up to the highest point of the head. Weak lungs won’t take in enough oxygen to feed it. Tumors can also block the channels.
In all these situations, the blood cannot carry oxygen to the brain fast enough. This is why we experience the release of stress hormones.

So how to deal with anxiety?

Don’t get me wrong here. What I am suggesting is that the brain can’t get enough oxygen. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t enough oxygen in the body.

On the contrary, the body could indeed have an excess of oxygen. Too much oxygen, especially around the heart area can be fatal.

What I mean by all this is that even if there is adequate oxygen, there are issues of transportation. Either something is blocking the pathway from the heart to the brain or the heart isn’t strong enough to get it there.

cbd oil anxiety 11I want you to make an action card. This is a card that you go and grab whenever you feel anxious. Keep it somewhere easy to find. Write it out and hang it somewhere. It’s like your fire extinguisher. Use in case of emergency.
On the action card at the top write,
‘Your brain is telling you it needs more oxygen!’
Then write a checklist of these actions.

1.) First, put the kettle on, then, run on the spot – The first thing to do is elevate your heart rate. This will increase blood and oxygen flow. Do it for one minute.

2.) If you are a yoga person, do an inversion such as headstand or shoulder stand for one minute. If you aren’t a yoga person, bend forward and try to touch your toes, letting your arms hang loose. Whilst in any of these positions, take seven deep slow breaths. Breathing slowly whilst your heart is above your head will make it effortless for the heart to flood the brain with oxygen. I call this gravity-assisted breathing. This is the entire point of these positions in yoga.

3.) If the kettle has boiled, make a strong chamomile tea. Chamomile is a muscle relaxant and an anti-inflammatory. Reducing muscle tension and inflammation helps the blood and oxygen flow. Don’t drink it yet.

4.) Take your CBD oil. Take some in the mouth and massage some into your temples. Whilst you are massaging, sit down and close your eyes. Take seven of the longest, slowest breaths that you have ever had. CBD oil is like chamomile tea but stronger. It reduces inflammation and relaxes your muscles. Taking it with chamomile gives it extra power.

5.) Drink your tea. Not sure if you need instructions on how to do this. Just be careful, it might be hot.

Doing any of these things as a solo effort will certainly have some effort since they all have the purpose of easing enhancing the blood and oxygen flow to the brain. But anything is better when it is taken as part of a whole program.

How does CBD Oil Help Anxiety?

CBD Oil is considered an anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant. Of course, since it is not FDA approved we are gagged as to what we can say. But in general, some people might say that relaxing the muscles and reducing inflammation opens up the channels of the body allowing the blood and oxygen as well as other compounds to flow around the body more effectively.

You can talk about CB1 and CB2 receptors until you are blue in the face. One of the issues with science is that it over-complicates things. It has done the same with anxiety, causing people to think that anxiety comes from a vast variety of complex causes. In one sense this is true, but to know that is irrelevant. What we need to know is that CBD relaxes and reduces inflammation and this allows things to flow which makes us feel good.

For anyone that has ever taken quality CBD oil from a trusted source before this will ring a bell. It just makes you feel darn good and darn relaxed. Not high, just good and relaxed.

In my opinion, Anxiety is not the mental issue that we taught it is. It is a physical feeling caused by the release of stress hormones. It’s how our body communicates. I could say that once we realize that this is what is occurring, we will welcome anxiety as a messenger of health but you might want to say ‘it’s not as easy as that’ and punch me in the face.

Feel free, I understand. I’m just saying that anxiety is telling us that we need to do some maintenance on our oxygen supply.  Try dealing with it as a physical problem rather than a mental problem fro a week and see what happens. PS anyone who suffers from it, I empathize.

This article is a collection of ideas by the author. It does not constitute facts or advice in any form. Please consult a medical professional and check the legality in your area before purchasing or taking CBD products.

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  1. Love the blog. I first used CBD oil in 1997 way before all the hype. Have been using it for anxiety since and I’ve forgotten what anxiety is – great job in bringing CBD oil to the world. All the best, Clint

  2. Hi, great content, keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks a lot. Yes, share the information around!

  4. Your post is really helpful and educating! I know what anxiety really means and the effect on our body. Your post has just shown me what I experience.  I have been taught its a normal thing and it is not good for my health. Part of the solution is CBD oil. Many of my friends on social media might not know the meaning of their sickness I will be sharing your post on my social media.

  5. Thanks a lot Myles
    There are no reported dangers of overuse. It is a strong muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory. Can’t imagine people getting addictive as the painkilling aspect is anti-inflammatory. It’s not than bliss-driven like the opioids. Feeling-wise, it isn’t much different to taking aspirin. It’s much gentler on the body and far more beneficial in its long term effects.
    Thanks for the comment!

  6. The perspective you expressed in your article regarding the pharmaceutical industry is thought provoking. it’s a testament as to how messed up our lifestyles have become and how that relates to the overuse of prescription drugs to deal with our health issues. I don’t know much about CBD oil other than it is derived from cannabis. Is there any fear of CDB’s being overused as well? Any health threats that may accompany that overuse?

  7. Thanks for visiting Carol

    Please pass on the info!


  8. Natural is always best. Thanks Mate!

  9. I was surprised when I came across an article that stated that anxiety affects many people even without them knowing. ‘If you teach a man to fish, he is not coming back to your shop’. How true! It is indeed sad that humans have lost their human nature and are always on the lookout for ways to make profits at whatever cost.

    Your idea of an action card when experiencing anxiety is awesome. It at least lets you know that you are experiencing it.

    Thank you for taking your time to explain all these. Very useful article.

  10. Forget the yoga then. But at least do the forward bed breathing. The gravity gets oxygen to your brain quickly so its very important! Thanks Mate

  11. Thanks Scott. If you understand the underlying oxygen issues then there is no miracle cure. CBD is just a spoke in a wheel-like approach when it comes to these things. Thanks for commenting!

  12. Hello and thank you for this post.

    I won’t get into it here but yes, pharmaceutical companies are a business and their number 1 priority is profit.  That’s what drives their decision-making process and not what the commercials tell you.

    That said, I really thought this post was going to be able CBD oil as being the cure-all solution.  I’m actually glad it wasn’t.  Not that I don’t think CBD oil isn’t all that but rather, I appreciated the depth of information you’ve provided and especially like the “how to deal with it” steps where you put CBD oil in but it wasn’t the star of the show, just a component in the overall solution.

    I do have one question…  Is there a particular brand or CBD oil product you recommend for this?

    Thank you again,


  13. Very thorough post you have put up here. I occasionally have anxiety and in the past I just take my cbd oil. I don’t want to forget what you said about the drug industry, I brought it up once amongst a group of friends and they fired at me, I’m glad to see someone agrees with me. Anyway, about your tips, I’m not so much of a yoga fan, I’ll skip that and try the tea and breath

  14. Wow! Detailed information you have written in this article concerning CbD oil and anxiety. Its good to know that anxiety is just a physical reaction of our body and hormones stress. Though I make use of cbd oil too especially to cure anxiety. It is really bizarre to know about how the therapeutic industry works. It is disheartening and selfish of them. Right from time, I always favor natural approaches to curing than therapeutic methods and all these drugs. Great post

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