I remember back in the eighties watching classic boxing matches and wincing at the brutality of two blokes smashing each other’s faces in with huge boxing gloves.

Not that I didn’t enjoy it. But back then, it seemed like cage-fighting was the stuff of legends, reserved for violent computer games or tales of underground tournaments in the USSR.

nate diaz action cbd
Nate Diaz in action against Anthony Pettis 

The world has changed. A lot. Cage fighting AKA Mixed Martial Arts now has a forum – the UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship. A fitting name for what is a regulated but, still utterly brutal, sport. UFC gives spectators explicit access to watch knees and elbows to the face, kicks in the nuts and tough boxers being strangled to death by human boa-constrictors aka Ju-Jitsu experts.

One of the biggest names in the UFC today is Nate Diaz. A top fighter famous now also for his associations with CBD and UFC. Sportcasting.com says:

Born in Stockton, California, Diaz has long been a fan-favorite fighter who’s only recently started getting mainstream attention after he choked out Conor McGregor at UFC 196. Nowadays, Diaz enjoys plenty of attention, as well as money, from both fans and the UFC.

But there seems to be a lot more to Diaz than meets the eye.

After Diaz lost to McGregor by majority decision in their rematch, Diaz sparked some controversy by smoking a CBD joint in the post-fight conference. The Nevada state athletic commission had banned his brother for smoking weed before a fight, so fans were worried he’d get treated the same way.

However, that joint sparked a silent revolution in acceptance of CBD and marijuana in the UFC, as not long after, marijuana stopped being a banned substance. The UFC is now sponsored by Aurora Cannabis, a company that produces CBD products. That was why Diaz smoked a CBD joint during an open workout, and nothing came of it other than cheers and applause. As a result, Nate Diaz claims that the sponsorship and the acceptance of CBD and weed was thanks to him, and as far as anyone knows, he’s right about it.

Diaz’s actions have sparked a revolution in the UFC which seems to have people talking across many different sports.

Given what we now are learning about the benefits of CBD, in that it can relax the muscles before a workout and provide an anti-inflammatory effect post-workout.

Who would have thought back in the days when athletes looked down on stoners that it would come to this?

Years ago, I knew a local MMA fighter and I was surprised at the amount of weed that he smoked. He told me that weed is really popular among fighters as it helps them de-stress and relax as well as aids with recovery. But surely the THC would slow down a fighter right? Maybe. This means that CBD could be the answer to a fighter’s prayers if this is the case. All of the muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory effects, without the high. Times of CBD reports:

Smoking CBD-based joints seems to be a new thing with the 34-year old Nate Diaz, despite being a long time advocate of cannabis. During his second training camp of the 2019 calendar year, the 2007 Ultimate Fighter season five winner of the lightweight class had video footage surface of him smoking a joint while moving around and striking the bag. As reports indicated, it was rather shocking to see how easy it was for him to manage his while inhaling and exhaling the CBD joint – which at least no proof whether or not it had THC in it but many believe it was CBD-based due to him and his brother, Nick Diaz, recently launching their own cannabis oil brand called Game Up Nutrition.

Every now and then a sportsperson seems to come along that defies the rules of what professional athletes should and shouldn’t be. Diaz and his brother seem to fit into this category. There have been athletes that have been drinkers, smokers and athletes that take drugs and get up to all kinds of mischief. But this is different.

To uneducated eyes, it might look like Diaz is doing something rebellious. But, when you understand CBD, it’s benefits and how it could change UFC and many other sports for the better, you can see that he seems more like a man on a mission to prove a point.

The use of opiates and other painkillers has been a scourge on professional sports for so many years. But, in these times of change, their use is becoming highlighted as something troublesome. What perfect timing for the rise of something like CBD. The powers that be might want you to think it is just another health supplement and, for FDA confirmation, they might be right. But, you study the rise of CBD, its easy to see that it is changing people’s lives in massive ways and, could end up being so much bigger than we are expecting.

This article is a collection of ideas by the author. It does not constitute facts or advice in any form. Please consult a medical professional and check the legality in your area before purchasing or taking CBD products.

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  1. Thanks Chloe. There is currenty no restrictions as far as I am aware. Even CBD sponsorship in the UFC!

  2. Thanks Mate. All the best!

  3. Thanks mate!

  4. Absolutely!

  5. Thanks a lot Jones!

  6. Thanks a lot Willy

  7. Hi Fred

    I suppose the tremendous impact that CBD oil is having is what terrifies politicians!

    All the best

  8. Great comment Robert. Glad to know CBD oil has helped you my friend.

    All the best


  9. Thanks a lot Dane. All the best

  10. For some time now I have been following CBD products and i have seen how effective it is with people dealing with anxiety, stress and wanting to relax their muscles. Looking at the aspect of Diaz, I don’t really see anything wrong myself and for Diaz to be that confident is really nice. Also I’m glad the company went on to make a product that can be smoked without getting high. Nice step.

  11. I have been taking CBD for about four years now in both oil tincture or oil capsules and in edibles. I take it because it helps me relieve the chronic pain in my lower back from a spinal injury I had about 10 years ago that prevented me from walking for about a week.

    I had smoked cannabis for years and after my spinal injury it helped with the pain. But if I had access to CBD oil like there is today I have no doubt that my recovery would have been faster and with less pain. Since taking CBD I have absolutely no more pain in my back.

    Though I take oil from a brand that was one of the two first CBD hemp oil companies, I will not name that brand here, I am happy to see that CBD BioCare uses the same criteria to insure quality of product. Like you have said, it can be a CBD jungle out there and knowing you are getting quality is important.

  12. I am a firm believer that CBD has a great impact of healing the joints and are beneficial to recovery for sport events. It’s too bad it’s so controversial. Here in Norway they forbid most of Product contains THC. It’s not only for sports it should be legal, but just think of how it will benefit for people in general. It would save a lot of money in health care. The politicians and people in general need to open their eyes.

  13. Wow! I am not really a fan of the UFC so I don’t really know much about the fighters and there lifestyles but I think that it there might be positive and negative effects on the fighters after smoking weed before fighting,but either ways I believe the executives that approved it in the UFC might have engaged in there research and studied them. By the way, joint CBDs are also beneficial to the body to kill pain at times. nice review here.

  14. This I a really lovely post and I enjoyed reading through. I’ve been familiar with so many product because I read a lot but CBD is kinda different in term of quality. I’m a big fan of Nate Diaz and I love watching him fight, reading about the news that he smokes in an open walk made me scared, I thought he will be banned but seeing no actions made me do my review ans I understand he’s really an advocate. This is a very interesting article, really nice and full of content. Thanks

  15. Well, I really do not fancy UFC or MMA but then, I do watch it sometimes and one of the things I discovers was that the rate at which the sport is, it would require something much more to calm nerves than just water and glucose like in other sports. Nate really did something bold by smoking in a place where there is tendency to lose his right to compete yet, his actions has given a revolution to the view towards cbd products and marijuana. It is really worth it.

  16. Wow, Diaz must really be a very brave one. I am a big fan of WWE but not the MMA so I might not know who Diaz is but from the explanation in this post, him taking a cbd smoke must’ve caused an uproar. However if he is tested one will come out with finding out  the has not THC in him and that’s the joy of cbd. I think that your biocare is the best for me right now. That’s a good go for me since it has no doping. Great post!

  17. Hi
    I have a friend who his really interested in UFC. He is actually training day in and day out to become one.I like the way you presented your information about CBD Oil.Its really intreseting and informative.I had not idea that such a oil exsist.I wil definately refer him to this website to check it out.

    Thanks for the share

  18. Smoking tha CBD and having to face that crowd would be so much of a challenge, I wonder how he managed to handle it. So far for me I don’t see anything wrong in smoking CBD because the individual isn’t braking it to make him get high or hyperactive. He may have taken it just to help ease his anxiety for real, considering the fact that he was to face one of the toughest in the game which is Connor. I believe these should be allowed to smoke it and maybe set a particular restriction around it. My opinion, thanks for your time.

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